Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

A little announcement...

Well, Update again....
Here is things to update, I have a lot of idea to put inside this game xDDDDD
But, One thing for sure, If I have to upgrade my game and turn it to be Greater than before, But that will gonna takes more days :(
That mean, You guys have to wait till I finish it, But don't worry, I'll try as fast As I can xDDDDD
And I'll gonna make sure, It's worth to wait :3

And I'll gonna need some voice actor/ Actress for the charachter, If someone want, Just mail me At "Iyoudy@yahoo.com"
And try to record some sample of voice, So I can Choose to use it or not x3
That's all for now, Thx all =3

Minggu, 05 Juli 2009

Beyond Memory 2

Well, Guys.... =3
Sorry, I just Return Here, Just remember the Id xD hahaha....

I'll tell you guys A little For my Next Project, It's The Continue Of Beyond Memory...
Well,at First of all , I'll just telling you, that in this game, I'll using English
I'm Work on it the whole my Vacation, So, Pleasseee... Appreciate it... =3

Well, Actually there aren't much to say, But the Trailer Are Almost done,
I guess Before 1 week, So maybe It'll Come Soon enough xD

Okay, Now About the game :
This game was continue From Beyond Memory , So it might be a little Confusing a little For the first time you play it ... ^^'a

This game will featuring a lot of event, Like :
1. Time Night,day,afternoon,dawn,etc ....
And at Each Of time, There will be Another event For Each other, So it'll make
So many things Different from the first one .

2. Different Battle System...
Yeah, For this one, I Know that some of people Boring about playing an Empty
Battle, So I had some event for my games... =D

And Again, The Every Hero that you choose, Will make a different Kind of command,
like Combo(Using 2 characther or maybe more)... And in this game, Every charachter

has different number of attack, And It can do more than 1 damage in each attack xD

3. Running hero
For this one, I just simply can says that I make An option for you guys either you
want to run or just walk,For some event, You'll need to run, And some not...
So, Choose Wisely ^^b

4. Battle At the map, Not at the battle screen
In this game, You can battle inside and outside battle screen, So you can fight
without you have to go to battle screen, But only at some moment...

5. Optional Event
Just simply like Final Fantasy IX that you can have an optional Dialog and
optional Event..., And it can pop up anytime :3

And there will be a lot more Later ^^b

For the charachter / hero that you can use, It's already been choose:

Name : Albert
Age : 16
Ability : The only Charachter that can use limit in the battle, And the limit can do Combo more than 50 combo.The limit will be received depending on his level. The stronger he is, The stronger The limit will be.
Attack Combo : 4 times in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Albert~~~~~
used to be a leader and choosen one in the "Beyond Memory" or the previous game, But in this game, He isn't the leader anymore. He has a great will and His only purpose was only to return to his world,Earth...
He always "Do First" Type of person, Think Second...,And always Make people Around him enforced to follow him, but in this one, He has Calmer than before.

Name : Sylvia
Age : 16
Ability : This charachter was the second fastest in team.She was a long ranged fighter, She can use some skill, most of her skill Deal a lot of damage,And some of them were deadly...
Attack Combo : 3 times in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Sylvia~~~~~
Almost same like Albert, She is From Earth too. and at The previous game, She doesn't have too much role to play.In Beyond Memory 2, She will having a lot of Role to play and have to keep an eye on Albert.
She is A Really nice person, She can be nice to everyone.Different From Albert, She always planning something, Before She Act.but Because Of Albert that always Act first, She was always Enforced to follow him...

Name : Lien
Age : 16
Ability : The only Healer in this team, She Can use all kind of White magic, And She can Use some of time magic.this hero is only for Supporting hero in the battle.
Attack Combo : 1 time in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Lien~~~~~
She Was The Princess of Henier Kingdom.She always love her dad, but till the day that kingdom fall, She finally choose to leave and go with Albert and the Other to aid him on his journey,and help Albert To search for his Way home.
She Is actually Nice person, But After her Kingdom fall, She'll be have a strong type and Strong will to protect his friend, So she can't lose anyone anymore.

Name : Felicia
Age : 15
Ability : But You can choose for the Element in each attack.The Only Black magician in this group, And Can cast some Of Time magic too..., best for Support and Normal ordinary Enemy and great number of enemy
Attack Combo : 1 time in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Felicia~~~~~
Born In Antanes Wizard Academy, Not Real Daughter of Merya and Heidi, But they love Felicia like their own Daughter,And Because They Are Living in Magical City of Antanes, So Felicia Enter The Antanes Wizard Academy.But somehow She have Talent in Black magic, after the atack,she managed to escape and She Pass out right in front of henier kingdom, So she was live and start to grew up there.
she is A little Stubborn girl and She can't Understand What "wait And silence" Mean, She always do what she think it's right and have to do, and she can't see other people suffer, but beside all of that, she always can be trust .

Name : Mikoto
Age : 17
Ability : The charachter that can make everyone run if we turn her to be the first hero and using stamina system too,Mikoto is the fastest person In the group. she wasn't have any skill, But, after The Mikoto And Chi-ci Choose To become one and Try to forget they ancestor's past, They can unite, And can do combo in battle, All their combo were Deadly, And It's Variated.
Attack Combo : 10 times in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Mikoto~~~~~
Mikoto Is A Daughter of Jetsu, Born in Hantante, she is usually Quite and was always do some cold respone to other, But that because of people around her,She start to learn about friendship and learn about forgiveness after she go with Albert and the other.
She Has A Kind Hard With Cold Respones, But When She learn about Friendship, She turn to be Someone that Always Have to think About Everything for everyone goodness,She is Wise, And can be said, She was the smartest person in team, Only She Never Show all of it to anyone.

Name : Pyro
Age : 17
Ability : Pyro was A Balance hero, He is like hero usually, He can Deal 2 damage in an Attack, and can use skill, He is A well hero for everyone, Not have any Speciality, But some event will need this charachter, and sometimes will only use this charachter.
Attack Combo : 2 times in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Pyro~~~~~
Pryo Was Lien's Friend From they're little, And they grow up together, Pyro was turn to be Lien's Knight, And he have to make sure that she save from any harm,So, Wherever Lien Go, Pyro Follow, He Actually Like Her , But he always Keep That Feeling only For himself.
He A little Quiet, And because of his life and people around him that always hard to him, So he Start To hate Everyone, And he Can't trust Anyone, But Lien. He have a cold heart, and do everything like what he want, but besides that, He actually don't want to be someone like that.

Name : Yoshi
Age : 17
Ability : Pyro Was the summoner of Henier Kingdom, He has a Great power, But he Was Weak if you place him at the front line, He can summon magic.
Attack Combo : 1 time in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Yoshi~~~~~
He was moved from Barbanas City, He was Moved to Henier Kingdom Because want to learn more about Magic and Mystical thing, And when He arrive there, He meet Pyro, And turn to be One of Pyro's friend They are usually go somewhere together, Both of Them were a good team.
Different From Pyro, Yoshi was Always Friendly to other people, Easygoing, And always do Anything swiftly, but Sometimes He careless, And he always Get trouble because of it, And Pyro was the one who always Solve his problem.

Name : Chi-Ci
Age : 17
Ability : Chi-ci was The strongest charachter in the group, But she can't use any skill, And Don't forget too, That she can unite with Mikoto and do combo damage, and They are all deadly...
Attack Combo : 2 times in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Chi-ci~~~~~
Chi-ci Was the First Daughter In Hen Zei Family, She was the proud, Her father was Teaching Matrial Arts, And Chi-ci was well Trained with her father,And when She grew up, She was to be one of the strongest fighter in her place.
She Always Have a strong will and intention to help each other, And she usually be nice with everyone else, She usually the one with Mikoto After They are become one, and somehow, She start to learned about , The strongest wasn't about the power, But it's about the heart and friendhip.

Name : Colin
Age : 18
Ability : He is one of the most useless in battle, He only can use some skill, and only some of them that will Deal damage to whole enemy, But besides all of that, He can't do anything except attack and skill, For the status, He was balance hero, But Because of his Experience in many place,He always find a way to reach for something, He actually Isn't a good fighter. But, He Always To be the key For some optional and main Event.
Attack Combo : 1 time in an Attack
~~~~~Story Of Colin~~~~~
He usually travel by his group, But when he was little, He was trapped in a place, and his Group was leaving him, because His group was think that he has already dead, but colin was survive, and when he chasing his group, he found out that they are already dead, so he decided to be An Adventure, He already Traveled to some place before, He Has so many friends in Different places, he goes wherever he want, Sometime he entering an Ancient ruin, And sometime he Treasure hunting too.
He is the oldest person in the team, And the most mature than the other, he always be nice to everyone, and always can be a right place for the advice.

Name : Gyle
Age : 15
Ability : He was The Gunner in battle, He doesn't have any skill, But he has more than one attack type, So the combo for attack can be gained and all of them was different,Depending on his level.
~~~~~Story Of Gyle~~~~~
Gyle was the youngest member in his family, He was lost his family from he little, So he grew up in Mine town with his brother. But one day, His brother was gone, There aren't any clue, Some of people says that he is go to somewhere, Some of them he was trapped in the mine that collapsing and buried there, Don't really know, And because of that, Gyle Was Always feel lonely and never need anyone in his life anymore, And what he believe was his brother has already dead.
Because of the heart broken of the dead of his brother, he turn to be a cold heart and cold person, He isn't saying a lot, And the most Quiet person in the team. He always calm and always think that he can do anything himself.


Two World
This is using Two world, Which is the First One Was The Earth,and the other was where we play, At Arinos.
The player who can across to the Earth was only Sylvia And Albert, And the other Can't across to this world. And in the earth, The place will be Make As same with the real world as possible (Note : The world in the earth only mean in Around the place where Albert usually came to).
And when Their at the real world, Their face will be changed Like This :

-----> Albert

------> Sylvia

And the other who Related with the Previous game, Will Be using same charachter and faces like before, And will use Face graphic like Albert And Sylvia :3

Well, I guess I only Can only say all of that for now,
And to you guys that hard to imagine what I say, I already make a little preview in the movie, But sorry For the lags ^^'a
Here's the link :

I guess I'll release the trailer so you all can play it soon enough, And I'll try to update this , So all of you could Get information as much as possible, thank you all ^^b
GBU All N' Have a nice Day ^^